Welcome to Texas AKC Puppies


Texas AKC Puppies was founded out of love for the Golden Retriever breed with the intent of producing the highest quality puppies available in Texas and the surrounding areas. We are GOLD status breeders with the American Kennel Club (AKC) meaning our paperwork and facility is always in pristine order, and we never cage our dogs. We have strict random inspections done by the American Kennel Club in which we always excel and achieve the highest rankings! For more information please visit AKC.org.

Human Imprinting starts before a puppies birth, which brings confident, friendly, and social puppies. We do not mass produce puppies. Having a few select litters per year allows us to give each puppy the individual attention they need in early stages of life. Our commitment to our puppies does not stop at the adoption, but continues through out their entire life. We strive to be available to the adoptive families to assist them in achieving the best relationship between them and their newest family member.

Our adult goldens have over 20 acres of land to explore and large ponds and swimming pools for water retrieving games. We give your newest family member an exceptional start as your life long companion. Each is hand whelped, and from the moment they are born they have round-the-clock care, attention, and unconditional love. We are breeders that are dedicated to the betterment of the Golden Retriever breed. Our dogs represent what every Golden Retriever should be!

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