Nellie's remarkable journey began five years ago when a sailing crew called us to inquire about a new litter of Golden Retriever puppies we had available. Nellie was born on June 1, 2014 to our beautiful Golden Retrievers Joshie and Blondie. The ambitious group came by our ranch to meet all the new puppies and found the perfect puppy for them. That joyous day Nellie, our precious Golden Retriever puppy became the newest first mate of a sailing crew that travels throughout the world and the seven seas! We have been keeping in touch with Nellie via the sailing crew throughout her marvelous journey around the world. Recently our founding member of Texas AKC Puppies, Michelle Stawski, had the opportunity to visit Nellie and catch up with the crew. Michelle flew into Curacao, a hidden gem off the coast of the Caribbean Islands to partake and showcase this lucky dogs paradise! Michelle spent a week on board their magnificent sailboat while Nellie and the crew sailed from Curacao to Klein Curacao. During her adventure with Nellie and her shipmates, Michelle witnessed some of the most magical and inspiring interactions between Nellie and her crew. She shared with us a few of the many captivating moments she observed. Michelle said how remarkable it was to see how well adjusted to life as a sea dog and her ever changing environments, but also how confident and happy she was with her shipmates. Michelle was awestruck the first time she got to witness Nellie jumping from the sailboat to the dinghy on command. Nellie has been living on the sailboat for over a year now (with her longest time away from land being twelve straight days) while she and her shipmates are making their way to Europe. So friends, on this page we will showcase and catalog photos and videos from Nellie and her most marvelous adventures. Please come back to visit to see the latest in her and Texas AKC Puppies journey together.