I know there are hundreds of breeders and it’s hard to know who to buy from but its extremely important to do your homework and do a little research before buying a dog from anyone. There are responsible breeders who take great care of their dogs than there are breeders who do it strictly for profit. The following are my opinions and what I would recommend to do. This is not to offend anyone, but these are some situations I have experienced. Here are some tips when buying a dog:

All buyers needing dogs shipped please make sure the breeder exist. Many scammers steal pictures from legit websites and sell puppies that don't exist. If something is "off" move on. When having a dog shipped, once a flight is reserved you should get a flight confirmation code.

 1. When you call someone about a dog and they have to look through files to know which dog you’re talking about, that means they have way too many dogs and the puppies  are probably not getting individual attention. It is so important for a dog to be socialized from the time they open their eyes. This determines how a puppy will feel about the world and how they will view people and other animals.

2. When you call a breeder and ask if you can come see the puppies and the facility they are kept in and they insist on meeting at a parking lot. That is a red flag. Breeders who have their puppies and breeders in filthy disgusting conditions don’t want you seeing their facility.

3. When browsing the internet for dogs. When looking at photos, notice how the puppies look health wise and their surroundings.  Buyers will be surprised at how many breeders take photos of dogs in cages.

 4. Those of you buying small breed dogs such as Yorkies and Maltese.  In case  you buy a dog without seeing the parents and the breeder tells you the dog won’t grow more than 4 pounds and 2 years later the dog is 10 pounds, you have no one to blame but yourself. If your looking for a tiny dog and  the breeder won’t  show you the parents, find another breeder.

5. Ask the breeder if the dog drinks from a bowl or an automatic waterier? An automatic waterier is a plastic tube that rabbits and hamsters drink out of. That definitely tells you they are large breeding factory like breeding facility.

6. If you go to a breeder’s house and you don’t like what you see don’t hesitate to call the AKC or the US Department of Agriculture. AKC is strict about breeding facilities, and are quick to investigate and  suspend.  

Puppy mills still exist and a lot of people support them unknowingly. They are the ones providing the pet shops with dogs. This is why you see protestors outside of pet shops from time to time. They are the only ones producing enough dogs to supply pet shops. There is no way a small responsible breeder could supply a store with puppies. The people that have gone to puppy mill sites and bought a dog they thought they were saving. They have made the situation worse, not better. Yes that puppy doesn’t live in a cage anymore but what about all the other dogs there? What about the puppy’s parents? What about future puppies? Please review breeders and find out what kind of breeder they are.